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Ocala, FL - Pepper Tree Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy located in Ocala, Florida and provides quality pharmaceutical services. We partner with LIfe Worth Living Pharmacy to provide compounding Services as well.. If you are a patient, you can obtain all of your medication and pharmaceutical supplies from a single source. Our patients are also able to get personal counseling or clinical intervention on both your prescriptions and Over the Counter products from one of our staff Pharmacists. Pepper Tree Pharmacy's state-of-the-art computer system enables our patients to obtain private and confidential counseling at anytime. There is always a clinical pharmacist on duty at Pepper Tree Pharmacy to manage your health needs.  We promise we will keep in touch with your physician, just in case your medication needs to be reviewed or  changed based on our clinical staff's recommendation.



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Pepper Tree Pharmacy Inc. located in Ocala, Florida is committed to providing quality pharmaceutical care through clinical services, disease management, and prescription delivery. Pepper Tree Pharmacy's mission is to become the leading provider of medical products, equipment and supplies with an ease of service delivery to all of our patients.

Our Philosophy

Pepper Tree Pharmacy's practice focuses on preventive health care which helps to keep the body's systems strong and healthy through nutrition as well as the proper use of medication. Pepper Tree Pharmacy is unique. We believe healthy lifestyles, nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements and nutraceuticals promote long-term health. Our trained pharmacists and certified clinical nutritionist consult with you, our patient, about supplements. We offer a number of health screening devices to help you - the customer - keep track of all health issues.

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